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A plant monitoring application for Xiaomi MiJia "Flower Care" and "Ropot" Bluetooth sensors.

Reads and plots datas from a couple of Bluetooth Low Energy sensors. Works with international and Chinese devices, doesn't require an account creation, your GPS location nor any other private datas from you!

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Monitor your plants

Connects to a handful of plant monitoring sensors (listed below). Watch your flowers (get it?!) vitals and keep them waterfull and alive!

Never miss watering day

Remember the last time you killed your girlfriend's favorite orchid? With our monitoring and notification system, you'll have no more excuses...


A couple of thermometers (listed below) are supported along plant sensors. They have clickable graphs and history too.

Pretty charts

Access data history to get a long term view of your plants health. Because everyone loves pretty charts! I know I do.

Scalable UI

Works great from 34" desktop screens, as well as 10" tablets, and down to small 4.6" phones!


FlowerCare device
MiJia FlowerCare
soil moisture soil conductivity air temperature light sensor
Ropot device
MiJia Ropot
soil moisture soil conductivity air temperature
BLE HygroTemp Clock device
MiJia Digital Hygrometer Clock
temperature humidity clock
BLE HygroTemp EInk device
ClearGrass Digital Bluetooth Thermometer and Hygrometer (with EInk screen)
temperature humidity
BLE HygroTemp LCD device
MiJia BLE Temperature and Humidity sensor (with LCD screen)
temperature humidity
add a new device
Let's add more sensors!
If you develop a BLE device or know a good one, contact me, I might just add support for it!



Version 0.10
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64b / 47.2 MB

Application zip


64b / 43.8 MB

Application zip


Phones and Tablets

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iPhones and iPads

App Store / 1.09$
Available in English / French / Spanish

Get involved!


You can help us find and report bugs, suggest new features, help with the documentation and more! Visit the Issues section of the GitHub page to start!


You can browse the code on the GitHub page, submit patches and pull requests! Your help would be greatly appreciated ;-)


WatchFlower is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 3 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.

Read more about the GPLv3!