GP2X Starter Pack
GP2X f200

GP2X Starter Pack with all of the most popular games, best emulators and essential tools pre-installed for the console.

The GP2X is a Linux-based handheld video game console developed by GamePark Holdings, released on November 2005.
The console is long dead, but for all of you that just found back their GP2X in a drawer (like I did), well, this pack might be for you!

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This software pack was originally meant for GP2X beginners, but 15 years later, its also great for software preservation!
It includes the most popular games, best emulators and essential tools pre-installed for the console.
While you definitely can't buy a new console, you might have just found your long lost GP2X in a drawer.

This pack is compatible with all GP2X hardware (MK1, MK2, F200).
Firmware version 2.0.0 or higher is recommended. Open 2x firmware is supported as well.

Please note that the GP2X F300 "voca master" is NOT a GP2X, but rather a GP2X Wiz internals in a GP2X body.
Still, here is an 14 emulators pack for GP2X F300, purely as a conservation effort, no support provided.

How to

Find an old SD card, unzip this starter pack and with a couple of new AA batteries later, you're ready to go!
Preferably, use an empty 512MB (or more) SD memory card.

What's inside?

Well check it out :)


Games from the community

  • Supertux (2D platformer)
  • Tux Strike back (Supertux extension)
  • Noidz2sa v3 (shoot them all)
  • Vektar (shoot them all)
  • Snake2x (snake clone)
  • Heroes (3D snake clone)
  • FloboPuyo (PuyoPuyo clone)
  • Stris (tetris clone)
  • Drill2x Xtreme (puzzle game)
  • Tilematch (Bejeweld clone)
  • Sokoban (puzzle game)
  • Ghostpix (puzzle game)
  • Frozen Bubble (Puzzle Bobble clone)
  • Sqdef (tower defense)
  • Freecell (card game)
  • Solitaire2x (card game)
  • Chess2x (chess game)
  • Squaresliding (puzzle game)
  • Blix2x (puzzle game)
  • Thruster (abstract shooter)
  • Spout (abstract shooter)


Console emulators

  • AtariST
  • Amiga
  • Colecovision
  • Gameboy
  • Gameboy Advance
  • Arcade (Mame, cps2emu)
  • Megadrive / MegaCD
  • NeoGeo
  • Playstation
  • Nes
  • SuperNES


  • Beat2x (+ packs)
  • OpenBOR (+ packs)
  • Scummvm (+ free games: Beneath a Steel Sky & Flight of the Amazon Queen)


New UI / game launchers

  • gipiix (New GUI, /!\ NOT PRE CONFIGURED)
  • gmenu2x (New GUI, /!\ NOT PRE CONFIGURED)
  • gp2xmb (New GUI, PlayStation UI clone)

A couple of multimedia tools

  • GMU (audio player)
  • OldPay (audio player)
  • PDFview (pdf reader)
  • PocketFlash (flash player)
  • Mp2x (video player)

Other tools

  • BatterieTest (battery level tester)
  • Gp2x-write (text editor)
  • Calculette (calculator)
  • Termula2x (terminal emulator)

GP2X Starter Pack

Version 8

zip file

212 Mb


tar.xz file

178 Mb



You can use one of these new launchers, or just continue using the one from your console.



autorun file



autorun file



autorun file