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A cool open-source DIY parametric robotic platform.

❝Metabot is a robotic platform that you can build and program yourself. It relies on standard components (motors, electronics, battery ...) and on 3D printable parts.❞

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embedded linux

What makes this Metabot special?!

No strings attached

Real time 1080p camera streaming

Wifi hotspot, so any computer can connect directly, without the need for an access point

Custom electronics

Lil' motherboard with energy / servo hub

RPi Zero W + Camera


New control modes

"Direct" control, when plugging input device(s)

"Network" control, when connecting to onboard wifi through another computer

Build a Metabot!

You want your very own Metabot? Great idea!

12 servos

3D printed parts

A power source

A tiny computer

A webcam


A gamepad

A screwdriver

First, you'll need 12 Dynamixel XL-320 servos and the Metabot's 3D printed parts (find parts on the GitHub repository or directly on the Metabot website) to build the skeleton.

Then one tiny computer. I used a Raspberry Pi Zero W, but any ARM board will do. The RPi is great though, because it's insanely small, cheap, got embedded wifi and easy to use webcam (I started with an RPi model A, coupled with an USB hub and external wifi card, which was a little bit more work...). Of course, you'll need a USB2AX to connect your servos to the onboard computer.

Also, it will work better with a power source. The XL-320 servos need 6 to 8V to work (but the higher the better) and the RPi needs 5V. I personally used two 18650 batteries (~7.4V) and made a tiny motherboard with a step down voltage regulator for the RPi and a 6 ports servos hub (pictured below).

Finally, the control softwares. That's what the GitHub repository is all about.

Spherical video

See the Metabot in action in this epic 360° video!