Plant and environment monitoring for Bluetooth sensors
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  • Support many different plant sensors and thermometers (listed below)
  • Support a couple of environmental and air quality sensors
  • Name your plants and set your own limits for optimal care
  • Plant database with over 3400 plants
  • Real time data mode
  • Sync sensor history (for Flower Care, RoPot and ThermoBeacon sensors)
  • Background updates and notifications (excluding iOS)
  • Configurable update intervals
  • Monthly/weekly/daily data histograms
  • 90 days CSV data export
  • No ads and no tracking of any kind (but it does track your plants :)
  • Doesn't require an account creation, nor any other personal data from you!

Monitor your plants

Connects to a handful of plant monitoring sensors (listed below). Watch your flowers (get it?!) vitals and keep them waterfull and alive!

Never miss watering day

Remember the last time you killed your favorite orchid? Remember when even the yuka didn't survived? No more excuses now!
WatchFlower has background monitoring and notification capabilities for computers and Android.
However be aware that these are Bluetooth sensors, not Internet connected sensors. Your phone or PC will always have to be in proximity to the sensors to check for updates.

Monitor temperatures and air quality

WatchFlower also supports a couple of thermometers and air quality monitor!

Pretty charts

Access data history to get a long term view of your plants health. Because everyone loves pretty charts! I know I do.

Scalable UI

Works great from 34" desktop screens, as well as 10" tablets, and down to small 5" phones!


Let's add more sensors!
WatchFlower has been built to be compatible with as many Bluetooth sensors as possible.
If you develop a Bluetooth Low Energy sensor, or if you know a good one, you can contact us and we'll see if we can do something!



Version 5.4
Release notes


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Application installer


Phones and Tablets

Play Store / 1.99$


iPhones and iPads

App Store / 1.99$
Available in Chinese / Danish / Dutch / English / French / Frisian / German / Norwegian / Russian / Spanish

Using Bluetooth Low Energy on mobile devices

The Android operating system requires applications to ask for device location permission in order to scan for nearby Bluetooth Low Energy sensors. Android 10+ will ask for ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION, while Android 6+ will only ask for ACCESS_COARSE_LOCATION.
You can learn more on Android developer website.

iOS has a somehow similar requirement, but will only ask you for permission to use Bluetooth.
You can learn more on Apple support website.

WatchFlower is neither using nor storing your location. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Using background updates on Android

Using the background updates feature requires the ACCESS_BACKGROUND_LOCATION additional permission, for the same reasons just mentioned above. Note that you can actually deny that permission, but then the background updates will be much less efficient.

It's also very important to note that Android phones will try very hard to both prevent the app from starting in the background, then kill every application running in the background, making it hard for this feature to work properly.
Depending on your phone model and manufacturer, you will have to manually enable auto launch and manually disable various battery saving features.