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A simple yet powerful reframing/overcapture tool.

Spherical media are great. You capture everything, and upload... well... everything? Or capture everything and worry about framing later. That's what dSphere is all about. Use any equirectangular media and quickly produce a reframed clip.
It won't replace Premiere (+plugins) anytime soon, but it will reframe your shots today!

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What can dSphere do?

Easy reframing

Easy reframing for photos and videos

Keypoints system

Keypoints system to easily control your point of views and the transitions between them

Aspect ratio

Choose the export aspect ratio you want, depending on your targets

Camera agnostic
Use the 360 camera you want, we don't judge. Works great with NVIDIA Ansel too!
Production formats
Supports input/output in CineForm and ProRes intermediate codecs
Other stuff
Yes, many other stuff

Quick tour of the software

media selection (a) media selection (b)

Easy media selection

Multiple user defined media directories are fused into one media grid. From there you can choose which video or photo you'll reframe.

Media settings

The video settings panel allow you to set a couple of "media wide" settings:
- Output aspect ratio (like 16:9 videos for Youtube or 1:1 for Instagram)
- Trim the video
- Adjust horizon
- Change video speed (and create a timelapse why not)

media settings (a) media settings (b)
keypoints (a) keypoints (b)

Keypoint & transition system

Choose one point of view per keypoint:
- Use the mouse click&drag to direct the view, and the mouse wheel to change the zoom level.
- Choose a transition that will apply to the frames leading to the current keypoints.

You can add as many keypoints as you want, and remove the one that proved to be poor directing choice.

Easy exports

Choose between many output formats (H.264 / H.265 / VP9 / CineForm / ProRes), sizes (but no, you won't be able to export in 4K when the source material are not even close to 4K for a whole sphere), and quality/speed settings.

exports (a) exports (b)


Version 0.7
ALPHA! Release notes


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64b / Windows store

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